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We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services Around the World


The expertise of Azagaya founders brought the company the culture lies on deeply understanding the client's environment in order to specify the needs correctly. This creates the solution provided functions in full.

We believe in delivering exceptional results by doing the right thing in all circumstances.


Azagaya, LLC works with governments, state-owned enterprises, PPP, local private sector and multilateral institutions in frontier markets to provide Turn-key financing and Tier 1 Korean EPCs for development of large infrastructure projects: Telecommunications, Power Plants, Airports, Hospitals, Ports. 

Azagaya is an expert financial advisor and “turn-key” strategic infrastructure project developer.

Once a thorough Assessment, Market Study and Financial analysis is completed, Azagaya can bring Tier 1 Financial Companies to provide a 70-30 LTV debt structure, assist in identifying partial equity partners, and provide Tier 1 EPCs for project development.

Azgaya will remain in the position of Project Administrator and in an “oversight” role.


Because our heritage stems primarily from the US Navy SEAL Teams, maritime operations and Security, Anti-Piracy, Anti-Poaching, Anti-Terrorist Riverine operations, and the expertise required to perform them successfully represent a cornerstone of Azagaya’s turn-key maritime and riverine turn-key security solutions.

Azagaya employs highly skilled former US Navy SEALs who have decades of successful implementation of Anti-Piracy, Anti-Poaching, Anti-Terrorist Maritime and Riverine Interdiction Programs. We conceive, assemble, deliver and Administer Total Maritime and Riverine Solution programs

Employing the most technologically advanced surveillance and communication systems, our total project concept allows us to detect, respond to and mitigate Piracy, Poaching, Terrorism, kidnapping, riparian pollution and illegal acts as defined in the International Conventions.

The result of our programs is the pacification of the territorial waters and riverine areas of
the client nation.


Assessing the relative security that trained security personnel and the installed security infrastructure provide to various facilities is becoming increasingly more important each year. A single mishap resulting from a breach of security can result in catastrophic loss of life and dire financial consequences to both corporations and society. For this reason, more and more companies each year elect or are mandated to engage qualified security professionals, sometimes at great cost, to assess the relative security posture of their facilities and business operations.


When performing assessments, Azagaya typically provides a 2–3-man team to assure multiple perspectives are obtained and no detail is overlooked. We begin by developing a Threat Basis Matrix in cooperation with the client to define the types of threats each site might encounter, including assignment of probabilities and other risk management considerations.

Thereafter, we employ a rigorous assessment process, which has been developed over the performance of countless assessments.  The Azagaya process includes interviewing site security personnel, examining the installed security infrastructure, reviewing the current security plan, and much more. Each assessment results in the production of a comprehensive written report, with illustrations, designed to summarize the current site security apparatus, quantify its effectiveness with respect to the Threat Basis Matrix, identify particular site security strengths and weaknesses, and provide specific prioritized recommendations for security improvement.


Once a thorough Assessment, Market Study and Financial analysis is completed, Azagaya can bring financing for the installation and Administration of the O3B is 5G plus broadband fiber-optic speed systems for a full country-wide access to instant, reliable, low-latency phone, internet, tele-education, tele-medicine, tele-government services, military, security progams.

All these service applications are scalable on this O3b PaaS (Platform as a Service) as the demands increase in volume and distribution.


Azagaya can assist any government to eliminate the last mile problem in telecommunication services and be able to reach out to the most remotely located citizen. What usually takes a day or two to get the simple Government Issue document now can/will be printed out locally with e-government solutions. Tax filing can be done at home with simple enough portal by tax authorities. Nation-wide message for warning of heavy rain, wildfire, or high tide can be sent out instantly etc. E-Schooling can increase literacy in a very short time. The launch of e-schooling can facilitate students to study at home or in classrooms. With O3B in place, emerging markets can do likewise in no time.

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