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We are a well-seasoned, highly principled cadre of performance-oriented problem-solvers, experienced in analyzing, structuring and implementing efficient, effective, practical solutions to a wide range of business, and security projects.

James M. Hawes

CoFounder/Managing Director

James M. Hawes following completion of BUD/S and assignment to newly formed SEAL Team 2, Hawes volunteered for duty in Vietnam and became the first SEAL officer permanently assigned as part of DOD’s MACV/SOG takeover of CIA's OpPlan 34-A, governing covert operations into North Vietnam (Presidential Unit Citation). That led to his clandestine CIA mission to build and command a mercenary navy in the Congo, memorialized in the book “Cold War Navy SEAL: My Story of Che Guevara, War in the Congo, and the Communist Threat in Africa” (Amazon).

After receiving an MBA from Harvard, he settled in Asia, where he co-founded the first startup/early-stage Venture Capital Management Company.  Living in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Indonesia for 35 years, he pioneered a variety of business enterprises and real estate developments in ASEAN and China.

Messrs. Hawes and Dennard have spent extensive time in Africa since the Spring of 2020 to strengthen local relationships and further ongoing Azagaya projects which concentrate on Comprehensive Maritime/Riverine and Border Security Solutions. 

Brian G Dennard

CoFounder/Managing Director

Mr. Dennard was recruited into CIA Clandestine Services in 1973. He initially served in a decade long classified CIA deep cover mission in Mexico and South America.

Over the next 25 years Mr. Dennard was assigned to numerous successful

clandestine missions in various parts of the world, some of which are still

classified. During those years, he began developing strategic infrastructure projects via TDA and USAID as his official “cover”.

In 2013 Mr. Dennard co-founded JK&D International, Ltd with John Kim, PhD, a

company that offers turn-key solutions for strategic Infrastructure development. Projects included the acquisition and renovation of the Almaty Kazakhstan International Airport, the renovation of the Nikola Tesla International Airport in Belgrade Serbia, and the development of the 250mW Power Plant in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

In 2020 Mr. Dennard formed Azagaya LLC. with James Hawes and Julio


Julio A. Gomez


Julio Gomez’s forte is critical investigations, recovering kidnap victims and resolving extortions. He has worked seventy-seven kidnapping cases and appeared before the crisis-management teams of numerous multinational corporations. A career Navy SEAL, he rose from seaman recruit to Executive Officer of Seal Team V, based in Coronado, California. Gomez participated in numerous combat missions in El Salvador and Panama. He acquired extensive experience in training foreign Special Forces in maritime operations, assault tactics, including facility penetration

He has performed contract with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) conducting “terrorist perspective” based assessments of America’s most vulnerable Seaports, Chemical Plants and Nuclear Power Plants, as well as managing several large contracts in support of Multi-National Force Iraq efforts in Baghdad, Iraq. 

Julio is the holder of the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for Heroism and a graduate of Southern Illinois University, he speaks native Spanish and is conversant in Portuguese.

John Kim, PhD

Key Associate / 

Finance & Telecommunications Expert

Dr. Kim received his PhD from Claremont Graduate University wrote his Doctoral Dissertation addressing the Regulation of the Korean Mobile Telecommunication Industry. 

From 2006-2012 Dr. Kim was the Senior Economist for Telecommunication Policy and Strategy for Korean SK Group. Several of his roles and responsibilities was to manage the spectrum allocation policy, and Satellite communications business development with SkyTerra, Inmarsat. 

Dr. Kim most recently acted as Executive Director, Global Operations Chief of Kudos Financial He was in charge of Cross Border M&A, project financing, corporate finance advisory which resulted in Project finance and equity finance for a German offshore wind farm project ($4.6 Billion), Joint venture between a Korean Chemical company and a Chinese Chemical company for automobile industry in China,  300 MW coal fired power plant project in Sri-Lanka, Metal Silicon production factory Joint venture between a Japanese Chemical company and a Korean metal company, LFG (Land Fill Gas) power plant project finance for an IPP company in Turkey (Gaziantep and Bolu).  

Gregory J. Buchanan

Aerospace & Power Solutions Expert

25+ years in Aerospace and Power Generation sectors. Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Trans World Power LLC. He grew the company from a turbine parts manufacturing and trading business to an international EPC doing power project development, infrastructure, construction and maintenance services company, with global customers including Southern Company, GE, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Calpine and others.

Greg is also the Founder and Principal of Buchanan & Associates, a consulting and executive search firm focused solely on the aerospace and the power generation markets. 

Buchanan & Associates have held middle market private entities. Advisor to leading aerospace companies including Chromalloy, Precision Holdings, Precision Aero Gear, Odyssey Engines and Paradigm in the areas of supply chain, corporate development and acqusition strategy within the aerospace OEM, MRO and power turbine markets. Advisory services include sourcing dept financing to the aerospace sector. Previously, Greg has also been a consultant at DRI Inc., a consulting firm solely focused on reenergizing and modernizing international companies in the aerospace and machined component parts industry.

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